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Greg Christie: leaders not decisive enough about corruption

Published:Monday | April 13, 2015 | 2:21 PM
Greg Christie

Former Contractor General, Greg Christie, says Jamaica’s leaders should become more serious about tackling corruption given its impact on economic growth.

He is also agreeing with recent statements by US President Barack Obama that a corruption-free country is more attractive to investors.

Christie asserts that Obama’s comments are timely, arguing that Jamaica's leaders do not talk seriously about corruption as part of the growth agenda.

Christie, now an anti-corruption consultant, says Jamaican lawmakers, and others, who are  against aggressive anti-corruption reforms, must not be allowed to act outside of the interest of the country.

According to him, Jamaicans must insist that tough anti-corruption measures are passed into law.

Christie says an anti-corruption bill before the Parliament should not be approved in its current form because it is weak and lacks suitable independent safeguards to address Jamaica’s corruption problem.

Last year, about 80 per cent of Jamaicans who were polled said the government was neither transparent nor accountable.

Also in 2014, Jamaica fell two places from 83 out of 177 countries in 2013 to 85 out of 175 countries in the Transparency International rankings.