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Ellington says he had no knowledge about extradition request in Coke's offce

Published:Tuesday | April 14, 2015 | 9:24 AMJerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter
Former Commissioner of Police Owen Ellinginton speaking at the West Kingston Enquiry in Kingston yesterday.

Former Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington says he was never advised that a copy of the United States extradition request for Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was found inside the strongman's Tivoli Gardens office.

Ellington said he heard allegations about the finding through the enquiry.

He was also asked if he heard about any documents relating to Coke’s extradition being found elsewhere in Tivoli or the area of operation.

Ellington said he was not aware.


former police commissioner Owen Ellington

Generally, documents relating to extradition requests remain unsealed until they are brought to court.

However, following the police-military operation in May 2010, there were reports that copies of the documents were found in an office belonging to Coke.

One of the terms of reference for the enquiry is to investigate whether copies of affidavits and other confidential supporting documents attached to the request were found in Coke’s offices in Tivoli.

The enquiry is also to find out how they would have ended up there. 

Ellington is to continue giving testimony at the commission of enquiry this morning.