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Nation was fortunate security forces repelled 'Shower Posse' attack - Ellington

Published:Tuesday | April 14, 2015 | 2:45 PMLivern Barrett, Gleaner Writer
Owen Ellington

Retired Police Commissioner Owen Ellington says the nation is fortunate that the security forces were able to repel the attack on the state by the Christopher 'Dudus' Coke led Shower Posse back in 2010.

Ellington, who was testifying before the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry this morning, again expressed regret at the loss of lives during the three-day police-military operations but insisted that the security forces were "left with no choice."

"It was an attack on the state and if they (Shower Posse) had succeeded in repelling the security forces it's anybody's guess where Coke's office would be today," he said in response to questions from one of the commissioners Professor Anthony Harriott.

He painted a picture of a Shower Posse that, in 2010, was highly organised and deadly.

"They are other gangs that can produce violence but not on the level of the Presidential Click", he said in reference to one of the many moniker for Coke's gang.

The retired top cop said intelligence at the time showed that Coke had long term ambition to expand his power and influence across the entire island.