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Catholic College strengthens African ties

Published:Saturday | April 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Student and staff of the Catholic College of Mandeville after a research forum with professors from the University of the Free State on the school grounds on April 9.

Williamsfield, Manchester:

The Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM), in seeking to bolster the research programmes undertaken by the institution, has cemented one of many partnerships with the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa.

A research forum held on the school grounds on April 9, saw three professors from the South African university sharing their knowledge of key elements that can be employed to move the school further, ensure educational sustainability, and establish ties for global recognition.

"We have four areas of focus; improving teaching, improving learning, improving curriculum and improving governance of institutions," said dean of the faculty of education, UFS, Professor Sechaba Mahlomaholo.

He added: "What we are trying to do is put together a team of researchers across the globe with similar experiences so that collectively we can bring about change and better people's lives."

With many successes of of PhD students successfully implementing strategies for highly sophisticated learning, Professor Milton Nkoane expressed that knowledge must be contextual.

"We have PhD students who have taught 12th graders, through the use of games and mathematical problems. It's about creating knowledge in a particular context and also making knowledge relevant," said Nkoane.

Having been to institutions in the Caribbean, the team of professors is slated to visit several other institutions in Toronto, Canada, as well as London, England.

"Our weeklong visit here will include preparations for the signing of a memorandum that will allow us to exchange ideas as well as students, meaning Jamaican Students going to conduct research in South Africa and South African students coming to Jamaica to do research. It will also include our South African lecturers collaborating with Jamaican lecturers doing research and writing books. Finally, we will be putting together a proposal that will give expression to this dream we have" said Mahlomaholo.

President of CCM, Dr Laurette Bristol, who had made contact with these professors while pursuing her doctoral studies in the United Kingdom expressed that the benefits she derived from the association will move over to the greater good of the institution.