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Linstead resident escapes injuries after train derails stopping metres from his house

Published:Saturday | April 18, 2015 | 12:53 PM
Residents gather to look at the derailed train in Charlemont, Linstead, St Catherine.
The section of the alumina-laden train that detrailed
Linstead residents survey the area where the train derailed

A resident of Charlemont in Linstead, St Catherine narrowly escaped injuries this morning after a section of a train loaded with alumina derailed, stopping metres away from his house.

Jeremiah James says he was on his verandah having breakfast when he heard a crashing sound.

He said when he looked up the hillside, he saw the section of a train rolling down towards his house.

James says he thought about running outside, but didn’t because that could have put him in greater harm.

He said he also considered running inside the house but decided against that move in the event that the out-of-control train car slams into the building and sends it crumbling.

As a result, James said he stayed put on the verandah and watched the section of the train advance towards his house until it stopped just metres away.

Linstead residents soon gathered to look at what they regarded as a miracle.

According to James, in his 20 plus years in Linstead, he has never had such an experience.  

The train was transporting alumina from Windalco, Ewarton  to Port Esquivel for export.