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'Never giving up' - Jamaica Cancer Society vows to continue fight

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Yulit Gordon (left) and Shullian Brown accepts the 2014 Gleaner Health and Wellness Award for the Jamaica Cancer Society from Colin Bourne, manager, print and distribution at The Gleaner Company.

The Jamaica Cancer Society marks 60 years of service and commitment to the people of Jamaica with a number of activities this year.

The celebrations, under the theme 'Never Giving Up', will begin tomorrow, under the patronage of Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, with a special function at King's House.

Among the highlights of the launch will be a special lecture on 'The Cancers in Jamaica, 60 years on' which has been prepared by Professor Barrie Hanchard and Dr Belinda Morrison.

According to chairman of the Jamaica Cancer Society, Earl Jarrett, in its 60 years "the organisation has remained steadfast to its primary objective of educating Jamaicans about the various forms of cancer so they can better safeguard themselves against the disease".

Jarrett added: "The fight against cancer is an ongoing one and hence the theme of 'Never Giving Up' as long as there is a chance to win the war against this dreaded disease."

Throughout the anniversary year, the Cancer Society will organise a number of activities, some details of which will also be announced at tomorrow's launch.

The Jamaica Cancer Society was founded in 1955 with the mission "to fight and defeat cancer in all its forms".


leading causes of death


It carries out the mission through various cancer education and awareness programmes, as well as provides subsidised screening services for breast, prostate and cervical cancers. The society also assists many Jamaicans with the cost of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Cancer is among the leading causes of death in Jamaica and although approximately five to 10 per cent of cancers are due to genetic defects inherited from a person's parents, the reality is that many cancers can be prevented by not smoking, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (including diet and exercise) and limiting alcohol intake.

The Jamaica Cancer Society constantly reminds persons of this reality, as well as promotes the fact that cancer can be successfully treated if it is detected early, hence the need for regular screening.