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Guardsman in Command with cutting edge Software

Published:Tuesday | April 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
Major Ricardo Blackwood (left) and Captain Omri Chin.

For the Guardsman Group of Companies, strong oversight during crisis event operations supported by sound information and management systems are vital to successfully managing potential problems associated with any emergency situation.

According to Major Ricardo Blackwood, general manager, operations, the organisation's Central Command Centre is constantly transitioning to perfect its product offerings to its clients.

"We continue to evolve as we work assiduously to maximise the efficiency of the organisation. We constantly review and redefine what we need to accomplish to ensure our products and services are of world-class standards," Blackwood said.

Generally, a central command centre should be equipped to perform a number of crisis management functions, but also should be able to function as a day-to-day operations resource, and to support efforts to test and exercise contingency and response plans.

According to Captain Omri Chin, general manager of the Central Command Centre, there is a weekly planning meeting that helps to affirm the framework of its operations.

"While working towards our objectives, we continue to develop new ideas that allow us greater efficiency and to provide better service delivery to our clients," Chin said.

With a 24-hour operation, Chin said, based on the situation, it takes seconds for the centre to respond to an emergency. However, depending on the location of the situation, the distance can affect the coordinated efforts.

"We strive to coordinate and maintain an effective and efficient response. Our radio communication is immediate and the closest team to the area is dispatched as the need arises," he said.

central command centre's job

The central command centre's job is to collect intelligence and to manage and control event information and response activities. According to Blackwood, strong oversight is needed during crisis event operations and is activated as soon as possible to ensure that oversight and rapid decision-making can occur.

Of course, good command centre software makes life much easier. This software is able to perform and use a robust information and decision management system that effectively manages the vast amount of information that is generated during a crisis.

"There are many commercial command centre software products available, however, we have the latest in technology that analyses and manipulates data based on trends that help us in building a database library. It also helps in refining our products to assist us in producing accurate and consistent reports that also allows us to be as consistent as well," Chin said.