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LIME Foundation Partners with St John Ambulance

Published:Tuesday | April 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Alison Christie-Binger, executive director of St John Ambulance, and Errol Miller, executive chairman of the LIME Foundation, are delighted as they get ready to log on to one of the seven laptops which were donated to St John Ambulance along with free Internet service and six smartphones.

LIME Foundation is now the strategic communications provider for St John Ambulance Jamaica. Under an agreement recently signed by the two organisations, the foundation will provide St John with free high-speed Internet plus Wi-Fi at its headquarters and regional offices. St John Ambulance also received seven laptops and six mobile phones to strengthen its database of important information and facilitate ease of communication among staff.

St John Ambulance is now in its 115th year of ensuring the health and safety of Jamaicans. It offers the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training programmes for the workplace, home and community.

Speaking at the presentation event, Executive Chairman of the LIME Foundation Errol Miller said, "Yours is an organisation that has given selflessly and continuously to Jamaica for more than 100 years and the LIME Foundation is delighted to be able to assist you in the great work you have been doing."

"Our foundation espouses the mantra that "together we can make a difference", and this is another example of how we give back to Jamaica," Miller concluded.

valuable birthday gift

Executive Director of St John Ambulance Alison Christie-Binger, in her response said, "Your generous donation is a valuable birthday gift. We plan to use them for the greater benefit of Jamaica. They will serve to considerably enhance our communications infrastructure and make for greater efficiencies in our daily operations, especially our first-aid training, and aid our disaster preparedness efforts."

St John Jamaica is also looking forward to further strengthening the new partnership with LIME through the provision of first-aid training and ambulance coverage for special LIME events as well as ultimately embracing St John First Aid Certified LIME team members as an integral part of its volunteer and membership service corps.