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New National Housing Trust board announced

Published:Wednesday | April 22, 2015 | 1:37 PM
National Housing Trust building in Kingston.

The Government has announced a new National Housing Trust (NHT) board to be chaired by former Cabinet Secretary, Dr Carlton Davis.

Minister with responsibility for Information, Senator Sandrea Falconer, disclosed the new membership during today’s Post Cabinet Press Briefing at Jamaica House.

The new board replaces the one chaired by Easton Douglas.

The life of that three-year-old board ended on April 2.

Actuary Daisy Coke, who was appointed on the last board hit by the Outameni controversy in 2014, will be the deputy chairperson.

Former head of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Scarlette Gillings, is among some new members.

She is joined by trade unionist, Granville Valentine, Lisa Harrison and Jacqueline Lynch Stewart, general manager of the Bob Marley Foundation.

The Cabinet has retained from the last board, Lambert Brown, Percival Latouche, Robert Budhan, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, Michael Harvey, Clayton Hall and Sonia Hyman.

Acting Managing Director of the NHT, Martin Miller, has been named as an ex-officio member.

Senator Falconer says three additional members are to be named.

The new board was named a day after the Auditor General's Department released an audit report that raises questions about the leadership of the Trust and the bypassing of technical advice in making decisions that are failing to yield returns on investments.