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49 cable companies breaching copyright laws

Published:Friday | April 24, 2015 | 12:27 PM
Hopeton Dunn (left) and Cordel Green.

The Broadcasting Commission has revealed that 49 local cable companies have been found to be in breach of the copyright of overseas content owners.

The commission says the cable companies have been found to be showing 98 channels without authorisation.

To this end, the regulatory body has issued a directive to the operators to remove the channels or regularise their broadcast relationships.

Speaking at a press conference this morning Commission Chairman, Professor Hopeton Dunn, stressed that persons without proper licensing arrangements will not be allowed to trespass on the copyright of rights owners.

Professor Dunn further emphasised that Jamaica has to take concrete steps to protect its image and to guard against international perception that it is a rogue country when it comes to copyright protection.


Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Hopeton Dunn.

He says it will not be business as usual as the Broadcasting Commission will be cracking down on illegal cable and other broadcast operators.

Professor Dunn called for the Government to provide the legislative support to better regulate the sector.

For his part, Cordel Green, Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, disclosed that the oversight watchdog is in the process of doing a copyright audit of all media platforms.
Green says the exercise will be used to determine which operators are in breach.

He said action will be taken where breaches are found.


Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green.