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BPO offers greatest job prospects

Published:Friday | April 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM

THE BUSINESS process outsourcing (BPO) sector offers the greatest potential for jobs in the so-called new economy.

A document titled Labour Market Trends and Prospects for Employment Opportunities in Jamaica-April 2015, which was tabled in the House of Representatives by Labour and Social Security Minister Derrick Kellier, pointed to the BPO subsector as having the greatest potential for job creation.

Completing the top five is tourism, the creative industries, health services and the green economy.

Kellier said the document is "to allow for a better understanding of where the genuine potential lies for employment in Jamaica in the new economy".

The document points to significant opportunity in the green economy due to increased environmental concerns regarding the disposal of waste, depletion of natural resources and pollution. Some of the occupations and skills that are listed as needed within the green economy are conservation experts, drivers (trucks, tractors, heavy-duty equipment) and chemical engineers.

The logistics hub continues to stand out as offering major potential for employment in the new economy. The labour ministry's document says the expansion of the logistics hub has fuelled optimism about economic growth and opportunities for expansion. Top jobs projected in the subsector are in the areas of transport operations such as truck, tractor, crane and heavy-duty trailers and tour operators. The potential for employment in the logistics hub are also high for multi-skilled technicians, warehouse operation managers, environmental officers, airport officers, logistics officers and port equipment officers.

"The logistics hub will also facilitate the need for ship breaking or ship demolition. This is a new industry from which Jamaica could generate employment because of the increased shipping activities that are likely to occur," the document said.

It added that the new area of ship breaking will provide opportunities for electrical, mechanical, and ship repair electricians, as well as welders and steel fabricators and environmentalists.


Top areas of opportunities


• Agriculture

• Tourism

• The creative industries

• Health services

• Green economy

• Alternative energy

• The logistics hub

• Information, communication and technology

Critical skills required to move the "new economy" forward are:

• Customer service

• Literacy and numeracy

• Information literacy

• Social media literacy

• Presentation skills

• Technology literacy

• Leadership and responsibility

• Foreign language skills (for example, Spanish, Mandarin)

• Entrepreneurial skills.