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Group wants 24-hour fasting for murdered children

Published:Sunday | April 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The recent killing of three teenagers and an adult in Clarendon has prompted the social media group, I AM JAMAICA, to plan a 24-hour fasting and prayer for the families left traumatised by the murders.

The group, which was founded by David Galloway, a Jamaican living overseas, says the prayer and fasting is to engage collective partnership and to demonstrate concerns and also to mourn with those who mourn.

"We wish to use prayer and fasting as a tool of intervention with the intention of beginning aggressive social outreach in the communities," said group member Devon Lindsay.

"Although prayer and

fasting can be symbolic, we believe this can change things and also have those in the Diaspora integrally involved in 'giving back' to Jamaica using social media as the main platform," added Lindsay as he noted that the group's mandate includes helping to nurture and protect the nation's children.

I AM JAMAICA, through its partner and social media group Bridges to Jamaica, has over the past years contributed backpacks, school supplies and school shoes to children in Jamaica.

The group is expecting to assist a minimum of 2,000 children with back to school supplies come September, 2015.


Transform Jamaica


According to Lindsay, with more than 56,000 members, I AM JAMAICA is attempting to empower and transform Jamaica and Jamaicans primarily through education, enterprise and social integration.

He says the group of mostly Jamaicans in the Diaspora wishes to let its voice be heard against the onslaught of crime and violence especially on our children who suffer from child abuse, neglect and violent crimes.

The fasting and prayer starts 12 midnight Monday April 27, and ends at midnight April 28, 2015. Group members are asked to break the fast with crackers and water.