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UTech law student barred from exams takes case to Appeals Court

Published:Tuesday | April 28, 2015 | 5:55 PM

The legal dispute between law student, Duke St John-Paul Foote, and the University of the Technology (UTech) is now before the Court of Appeal.

Foote is contending that having received financial clearance, UTech and the university’s registrar, who are the defendants, did not have any good reason for preventing him from writing his exams.

His application is set for hearing on May 11 before three judges.

The law student is claiming that he was barred from sitting end of semester exams in December 2014 although he paid fees and received financial clearance.

Foote is challenging the decision of acting Supreme Court judge Audrey Lindo who in March struck out his claim.

He is contending that she erred in her decision.

Foote is contending that when his claim was struck out he was denied access to the court which is his right under the Charter of Rights.

The law student had first filed an application against UTech and its registrar last year and was granted an injunction barring them from delisting him as a student.

Foote withdrew the application after UTech told the court that it would comply with the injunction.

But, after Foote withdrew the case UTech did not allow him to sit his exams in December 2014.

In January, he filed a new application but it was struck out in March.