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Child rights advocate outraged at viral video of young girl dancing for money

Published:Thursday | April 30, 2015 | 5:21 PM
A screen shot of a young girl collecting money from adults after taking a break between dancing.
A screen shot of the video in which two young girls dance. Money was paid to one

Child rights advocate, Betty-Ann Blaine, is expressing outrage at a video being circulated in social media of a child gyrating to dancehall music while being handed sums of money.

The video of the girl, who is believed to be about five years old, is being circulated on Facebook and other social media sites.

The clip which is over four minutes long shows the child gyrating in the street, to the delight of a large group of men, women and children.

The child is cheered on by the crowd, members of which can be seen handing the child money and placing it in her clothes.

It could not be ascertained exactly where in Jamaica the video was shot.

In one scene the child invites another little girl to join her.

Blaine believes that the mother and father of the child must be charged for negligence in relation to the matter.


Betty Ann Blaine

She also says the child in the video is in need of protection and should be put in state protection or foster care. 

Blaine says a message must be sent to those who abuse children or put them in harm’s way.


Betty Ann Blaine