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Negril businesses want hold on all large scale developments

Published:Friday | May 1, 2015 | 1:18 PM

The Negril Chamber of Commerce is calling for a moratorium to be immediately placed on all large-scale developments in the town until the necessary infrastructure is put in.

The call follows the disclosure this week by environment minister, Robert Pickersgill, that the Negril Development Order will now permit construction of four storey buildings where only two storey ones had previously been allowed.

The Chamber of Commerce says it is amazed at the development, which it says will allow a 200-room hotel to now build a 600-room hotel in the same land space.

It says the infrastructure is not in place for this kind of development.

It notes that the area only has a secondary sewage plant which it claims was not capable of handling all of the community’s sewage in 1995 when it was built. 

The Negril Chamber of Commerce says increasing the building heights will also destroy the unique charm of Negril which has made it a rare destination amid the numerous high-rise concrete jungles easily found around the world.

Meanwhile, the organisation says it remains resolute in its opposition to the Negril breakwater project.

It says stakeholders continue to hold to the view that in addition to addressing the damaged ecosystems, beach nourishment is the answer to the erosion problem.