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Policeman loses corruption appeal, begins four-month prison sentence

Published:Saturday | May 2, 2015 | 10:27 AM

Police Constable Williard Williamson was taken into custody yesterday to start serving his four-month prison sentence after losing his appeal against his conviction and sentence for soliciting $15,000 from a motorist to drop a traffic charge.

Williamson was on bail pending the outcome of his appeal.

The motorist, was stopped during a spot check in Petersfield, Westmoreland in March 2009.

She was issued with a summons to attend court for driving without a driver's licence and for driving a motor vehicle which was not insured.

Telephone conversations took place between the policeman and the motorist after the incident and Williamson agreed to accept $15,000 to withdraw the summons.

The woman made a complaint to the police and a sting operation was set up in Black River, St Elizabeth in May 2009.

The police gave her marked notes amounting to $10,000 to give to Williamson.

After they met and spoke, the police arrested Williamson and charged him with breaching the Corruption Prevention Act.

Williamson said he and the motorist were talking when the police turned up and he did not take any money from her.
Resident Magistrate Sonya Wint-Leslie found him guilty of the charge in April 2013 and sentenced him to four months imprisonment.

The RM said based on the recorded conversations between Williamson and the complainant, the policeman was guilty of corruptly soliciting funds from her.

She found that based on the conversations Williamson went to the spot to solicit money and sexual favours from the complainant.