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Stacy In love with Her Heart outside Her Body

Published:Saturday | May 2, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Stacy Barham with her four-year-old son, Alejuandro Samms.

Mandeville, Manchester:

When Stacy Barham got pregnant with her first child, she had no idea that it would include several trips to the hospital after the birth and a little extra patience to deal with the challenges. But amidst all she encountered and still faces today, there is no regret - only love for whom she describes as her 'heart outside her body'.

Born with a cyst on the back of the brain, his testicles outside of the sac, and swelling adenoids, Barham's son, four-year-old Alejuandro Samms, gave his mom much to worry about in the initial stages of pregnancy.

"When I had my second ultrasound I was told that there was something to look out for. I was told to do a scan, and it showed that there was a cyst. At that point in time, I was depressed. I didn't know what to do and I didn't know if it was something I did wrong. I was just lost."

After reading online articles of parents in a similar situation, Barham got the motivation she needed to deal with any challenge that would arise.

"I had decided that this is my first child, so whatever it is, I am just going to do my best. He was born with respiratory distress because he was overdue. I didn't dilate enough, so after the long wait and induced labour, I had to do a C-section. He was admitted (in hospital) for 10 days; he had to be

suctioned; he was on antibiotics, and after six weeks, he did an MRI to see the cyst."

She added, "He used to go to the Bustamante Children's Hospital ever so often - every six weeks or every three months, but now the visits have decreased. He started having seizures so we had to do a CT scan the other day, and a surgery is to be done for his swelling adenoids, which causes frequent colds, and later, another surgery to fix his testicles."


used to worry


Does all of this worry Stacy and cause her to be depressed?

"Honestly, I used to worry. The other day we went to neurosurgery clinic and the doc called his name. I said, 'Come Ale' and he said, 'Coming Mommy'. We went in and the doctor heard him and highlighted that I used to worry a lot about him not walking and talking and now he's able to do it all. I used to worry because everything was delayed. He started walking at two, and even his speech, though not clear, you're able to understand him."

With a beam in her eye and pride written all over her face, Barham expressed: "At school, everybody knows Ale and Ale knows everybody by name - even the taxi that picks him up, he knows. He is not as fast as a normal four-year-old. He was always delayed in everything - walk, speech, creeping, everything. His milestones were not met at the regular time for kids his age, but his personality is just amazing. He'll call to people on the street and he loves meeting people. Can you believe he loves to worship too? When he goes to church, he sings, knocks tambourine and actually sits and listens to the pastor during the sermon."

With inspiration from God and major support from her mother, Barham says without Ale she wouldn't exist.

"I have so much love for my Ale. Without him, there's no me. He gives me hope. And to all the parents out there in a similar situation, keep courage and love your children. You were chosen specifically to be their parents. Ale chose me and though it's hard work, it can be done. I don't know if he understands some things, but he is comfortable with what we have and all I can say is prayer continues to work.