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Contractor General's office to start visiting work sites

Published:Tuesday | May 5, 2015 | 11:58 AM
Dirk Harrison

Contractor General Dirk Harrison has signalled that his office will be entering unchartered territory to include the visiting of work sites to ensure Jamaicans get value for their tax dollars.

He disclosed on Power 106 FM’s Independent Talk this morning that his office will start doing physical verifications to ensure that the work done on government contracts is of the required quality.

Harrison says this will include testing roads and other infrastructural developments.


Contractor General Dirk Harrison

He accepted that complaints have been made about the quality of work done on government contracts and noted that there's a need to ensure accountability.

Harrison is rejecting criticisms that his office impedes development, noting that all stakeholders have to strike a balance in doing their jobs.

The Office of the Contractor General is Jamaica’s main anti-corruption agency.

It was established in 1986 to, among other things, ensure that the public sector procurement process delivers value to the tax-payer, is merit based and is free from corruption.