Sun | Sep 23, 2018

St Elizabeth man found guilty of assaulting a minor

Published:Wednesday | May 6, 2015 | 2:45 PM

A St Elizabeth man has been found guilty of the indecent assault of a minor.

The verdict was handed down yesterday in the Santa Cruz Resident Magistrate’s Court.

He is set to return to court on June 2, when he will be sentenced.

The female child was in grade eight at the time at which the incident reportedly occurred.

Key details of the case including the identity of the man cannot be disclosed because the child is a minor.

Meanwhile another St Elizabeth man was yesterday fined $90,000 for pleading guilty to the charge of uttering forged documents.

If Jermaine Jones does not pay the fine, he will be imprisoned for three months.

The sentence was handed down during his appearance in the Santa Cruz Resident Magistrate’s Court.

It was alleged that Jones had been stopped by the police while driving and when he presented his driver’s licence it was discovered that it was forged.

He told the court that he had paid some money over to someone to have his licence upgraded but had no idea that it had been forged.