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St Catherine police urge residents not to be fearful as violence escalates

Published:Thursday | May 7, 2015 | 9:24 AM

The police in St Catherine say law-abiding residents of Spanish Town should not be fearful amid escalating violence as they are not being targeted in the attacks.

The police say just over 40 per cent of the 58 murders committed since the start of the year are related to an internal feud over the leadership of the Klans Man gang.

They say operational activities within the division have been heightened to ensure the safety of residents.

The police are also appealing to residents not to harbour gang members and give the police information about illegal activities and strangers in their communities.

Meanwhile, The St Catherine North police have released a list of men from the parish they say are wanted in connection with several murders and shootings committed in the division.

The men are being asked to turn themselves in to the Spanish Town Police or the nearest Police Station with their lawyers by 5 o’clock Friday.

Among them are Duran Dennis, otherwise called ‘Duan’ of March Pen; Kalonji Tyrell of Bog Walk; Alrick Burke, otherwise called ‘Forward’, of Gordon Pen; Andre Knight, otherwise called ‘Chevy’ and ‘Dada’, of March Pen Road; and Kirk Forrester, otherwise called ‘Meg’, of Banbury, Linstead.

Others also listed as wanted are Onieke Thomas, otherwise called, ‘Blue’; 21-year-old Jeffery Barnes; and Christoval Campbell, otherwise called ‘Chin’ or ‘Blacka Chris’.