Thu | Sep 20, 2018

Opposition raises questions about ganja law

Published:Friday | May 8, 2015 | 4:38 PM
Robert Montague

Opposition senator Robert Montague has asked the Justice Minister to indicate what measures have been put in place to protect Jamaicans under the new ganja law.

In questions tabled in the Senate this morning, Senator Montague sought answers to how the police will verify that a substance found in the possession of an individual is in fact ganja.

He also wants to know what recourse is available to someone who is wrongfully ticketed for breaching the ganja law.

Senator Montague says the Justice Minister must indicate how the Police will objectively establish that someone is in possession of the allowable two ounces or less of ganja.

He says the country should be told the type of equipment to be used to test to substance in question, the accuracy of the equipment, and the keep and care of the equipment.

The Justice Minister has 21 days within which to response.

Jamaica recently enacted legislation that decriminalises the possession of two ounces or less of ganja.

A persons found in possession of two ounces or less will be issued with a ticket to pay a fine and will not receive a criminal record.