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David Simms – positive role model in his son’s life

Published:Thursday | May 7, 2015 | 12:00 AMLauntia Cuff, Gleaner Writer

While other male role models can positively influence the life a young boy, there is no other, however, who has a more important role model to play in his son's life than his father.

David Simms said while growing up, his father set the example for him which has helped him to wholeheartedly accept his responsibilities of caring for his 13-year-old son, Shanoi, who is his only child.

"My father always cared for all of us. I grow up that way, although I [didn't] grow with my father; I grow with my grandparent on my mother side," Simms explained.

Two years ago, Simms decided to take on the full responsibility of raising his son as a single father.

"Me and [his mother] break up years ago, and then she move on. I always support him and then she leave out and leave him and him other brothers. I think they [were moving] from house to house. I say no it can't work, I have to take him," Simms told Family and Religion.

He says although he was always close with his son, since Shanoi has come to live with him their relationship has been strengthened as they now spend much more time together. He added that the experience has even brought about positive changes in his own life.

"We use to (be) close; from him born we close [but] we closer [now] cause [he is where I am].

"I don't up and down again. For instance, I use to fool round a lot of women. (I) put that one side - I live just for him," he said.

He says, so far, he has not seen it as a challenge raising his son on his own and went on to add that it was painful for him to see a man who didn't care for his child or children.

"It hurt me and it hurt me very, very much. From ever since, I don't like see father don't take care of them child. A father should be always there for their child. Even with woman, (when) a woman don't take care of her child I don't like it either.

"You see how much crime a go on. All of these things cause crime. Too many children without father care round them - it a cause all of the problem," he surmised.

As such, he said, that in recognising how important his role as a father is, he didn't only teach his son what was right, but made an effort to live a life that would be a good example for him to follow.