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Woman robbed at church entrance after delivering sermon

Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015 | 12:37 PM

A woman who had just delivered a sermon at the Redeemer Moravian Church was robbed of her gold chain at the entrance to the church, located on North Street in downtown Kingston, this morning.

The robber escaped along John's Lane.

The woman was not harmed, but like most parishioners who witnessed the incident, she was shocked by the brazeness of the robber.

"I still have life," she whispered to one member of the congregation who gave her a long embrace.

Other members were angry.

"No me can't believe this. She just done preach and di bwoy jus walk up and grab the chain from har neck. You can see the mark," one woman said.

"Is the first me a see something like this," another woman added.