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Government won't prevail in CCJ vote in the Senate, says Chuck

Published:Wednesday | May 13, 2015 | 9:23 AM

Opposition Member of Parliament, Delroy Chuck, says he is confident the Government will not be able to sway any Opposition Senators to support the CCJ bills when Parliament’s Upper Chambers votes on the matter three weeks from now.

Yesterday, the Government used its majority in the House of Representatives to pass three bills which could see the country moving away from the United Kingdom based Privy Council as its final court and adopting the CCJ in its appellate jurisdiction.

The bills will go to the Senate in another three weeks and the Government will need at least one opposition senator to side with it or its efforts to adopt the CCJ will fail.

However, the Opposition is against establishing the CCJ as the country’s final court and opposition members in the Lower House yesterday stuck with that position with all of them voting ‘no’ to the bills.

Chuck says he expects the same to happen in the Upper House despite recent disagreements between Opposition senators and party leader Andrew Holness.


Chuck was speaking with Cliff Hughes on Power 106 FM yesterday.

In 2013, Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness ousted Arthur Williams and Dr Christopher Tufton from the Senate using signed and undated resignation letters.

Williams took the matter to the Constitutional Court which ruled that the actions of Holness were unlawful, contrary to public policy and in breach of the Constitution.

Holness appealed the ruling. 

However, the Appeals Court upheld the ruling of the Constitutional Court and Williams and Tufton were reinstalled as Senators.