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Public health department shuts down Mandeville food court over broken sewer main

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 5:04 PMJerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter

The Manchester Health Department has closed Mandeville's largest food court over concerns about the risk being posed by a broken sewer main.

Public health inspectors ordered the Reliance Centre Food Court closed this morning.

The Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Beverley Wright, says it was discovered that the centre’s sewerage system has been causing effluent to run into common areas.

Wright said the situation required immediate action to minimise any risk to public health and safety.


Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Beverley Wright

Wright says the operators have begun to take corrective action.

She also said the health department will be closely monitoring the situation and reopening will only be authorised after the problem has been remedied.