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Pain, shame and ambition: a mother learns to love herself

Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMGleaner Writer
Monica Wilson

It has been a rough path for Monica Wilson since her youthful days as an abandoned child.

But Wilson, now a single mother of five, living in Denham Town, Kingston, has learned to love herself as much as she loves her children.

At the age of 14, Wilson got pregnant with her first child by a man she said was 25 years old.

According to her, the father disappeared after he received word of the pregnancy.

Two years later, Wilson was pregnant again.

Relating a feeling shame, Wilson said she was looking for love.

"My parents abandoned me. I had no support system, no love, siblings, no one. The relationships would fill the gap for a while but did not last," she said.

Life would only get more difficult for her as she again became pregnant not once, not twice but three more times.

But she never lost love for her children and did just about any job she could get to earn a living for them.

At one time, Wilson was a street sweeper in the capital city, braving the dark of night and rampaging gunmen with two young children in tow as she headed to her 'workplace' - Marcus Garvey Drive to Port Royal Street.

"I recall times when Matthews Lane and Tivoli Gardens were at war. We would pass the men with high-powered weapon," she said.  "Anything could happen to us."

WATCH WILSON’S FULL STORY HERE: https://youtu.be/HVzV62cX5tk