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The Smiths – 49 years together and still going strong

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 12:00 AMGleaner Writer
The Smiths on their wedding day – 49 years ago.
The Smiths today.

Watching them as they made their way into the Miracle Tabernacle Freetown Church of God of Prophecy church, located in Freetown, Clarendon, it was not hard to spot that twinkle in his eyes as he escorted her through the door.

No, we are not talking about young love here. Actually, the couple Orsell and Daphne Smith have been travelling this road for 49 years, and each year seems to have brought them even closer together.

The Gleaner's Family&Religion couldn't help but ask the couple to share the secret behind their lasting union.

Almost in unison, they responded, "Keeping the lines of communication open and praying together."

in it for the long haul

The Smiths, who tied the knot in 1965, are the parents of five children. They started out like any other young couple - filled with dreams and faced with challenges.

They will be the first to tell you that there were days when conflict reared its ugly head, but unlike some who gave up at the first hint of trouble, they had already made up their minds that they were in it for the "long haul".

"There were times when we had disagreement, but we never allowed the sun to go down on our anger. We communicated a lot. It helps that we are both Christians," said Daphne.

With the progress in technology, Daphne said maybe that's what's wrong with the world right now why so many marriages are falling apart.

"Back in those days, we didn't have phones, (but) now cellphones are all around. There are so many things to distract you in today's world," she said, pointing out that there was more time to communicate as the only kind was by talking to each other.

Now looking from where she sits as a wife of 49 years, Daphne said today's young people are too quick to rush into marriage and are just as quick to rush out when things get sticky.

"Marriage is not an easy road; it's just like another institution. You invested your money to go to university ... just because the work is challenging doesn't mean you are going to throw in the towel and not finish the course," she said.

According to her, it's the same with marriage. When the rough parts come, "stick to your guns, talk about it and make sure God is in the mix", she said.

Orsell, who stood by his wife's side, nodded in agreement. He seemed more on the quiet side. He did manage to put in his two cents as he said couples getting married should first take the time to know each other.

"You are planning on spending a lifetime, so it's not something to be rushed. Do background checks, know who you are aligning yourself to ... and make sure they share your faith," he said.