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High schools adopted by police

Published:Monday | May 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Dr Carl Williams, commissioner of police, and Deputy Commissioner Clifford Blake.

In an effort to continue using problem-solving techniques, strategic utilisation of resources, and increasingly sophisticated investigative capabilities, through community policing to tackle the country's crime problem, Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams has endorsed the adoption of two high schools by the Mobile Reserve Division.

"It is part and parcel of a wider initiative to forge partnerships with the communities so that we can prevent and reduce crime and violence and restore order. This is all from the recognition that the police alone will not be able to solve all the problems with security that we have in this country," commented Dr Williams, during the launch on Friday, at the Clan Carthy High School, Kingston.

The two Kingston-based schools, Holy Trinity and Clan Carthy High, will benefit from programmes that will be implemented by the police, in collaboration with the schools.

Head of the Mobile Reserve, Assistant Commissioner Winchoy Budhoo, stressed that the members of the public have always seen the men and women under his command as the police with the long guns, so they have decided to show a different side of policing.

"This initiative seeks to further educate, empower and foster increased positive relationships between the police and citizens. It was launched under the theme 'adopt a school, make a difference,' which is geared at creating a mentorship programme in both schools as well as teaching the students life skills and providing them with information to help them transition from high school to tertiary institution. It aims to help students build self-esteem and school pride," the ACP said.

Principal of Clan Carthy High School, Hazel Cameron, in response, welcomes the partnership.

"We welcome them on board and embrace the idea. It is a part of the school's development plan to build partners. This initiative will help to foster positive changes in students' attitudes towards their work and the school," she said.