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Leaders of the world, repent or perish!

Published:Monday | May 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Steve Lyston

There is a time and season for everything under the sun. It is critical for one to know the times and seasons with regard to decision-making; what do we do and how do we prepare ourselves for the positive and negative happenings/occurrences? The truth of the matter is that there are men who still know the times and seasons and what a nation needs to do. In this season, leaders at all levels are about to be judged. That includes political, business, church and government leaders. Every leader is accountable to God.

The actions and attitudes of leaders have been creating havoc globally. Millions of lives have been lost, people have been dying of hunger, weapons of mass destruction have been deployed, millions have been 'misappropriated'. There has been destruction of property, divestment of national assets and famine, in addition to deception of the masses by leaders and passing of laws that work against humanity.

Each time we read the Bible, we realise that the suffering of a nation oftentimes is the root of the grave problems that affect the nations. So when a leader sins or does anything wrong, the entire nation is open to chastisement. When Saul disobeyed divine instructions and spared the life of the enemy, it did not just affect himself and his administration, but it gravely affected Israel. When David (I Chronicles 21) allowed his trust to shift from God to the size of his army, he called a census to see how many he had, and his shift caused disaster upon Israel. Similar to what took place in Jeremiah 32, because of the actions and lifestyle of the leaders, many nations are now divided. For example, the Ukraine is now divided into two nations. Some Caribbean nations are being divided between the East and the West and have to pledge loyalty. Likewise, Israel had been split between the Chaldeans and the Babylonians.

Often, people would ask us to pray concerning the disasters and murders that take place in the nation; and many would wonder why the Lord is not moving on these matters. But God has a set time to judge each man. Oftentimes, the Lord will speak to us that the cause of the suffering, the crime and the level of violence within the nation is the result of the actions of the leaders within the nation. We must pray for leaders to repent. When they repent, changes will take place. It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That being said, what a leader does with his pen is even worse than whatever a gunman does with his gun!




Every person in authority, regardless of the sector, are allowed by God to be appointed and are, as such, accountable to God. It is not being suggested that God appoints corrupt government or ungodly officials and legislation. However, God may allow evil leaders to have authority for a time so that He may ultimately deal with them and also turn the hearts of the people back to Him.

God grants authority for positive outcome, and those with authority will be held to account. Regardless of the sector - whether they are 'saved' or 'un-saved' - once you are an earthly leader, you are accountable to God (Romans 13: 1).

When Nebuchadnezzar walked in arrogance, he thought the earthly kingdom belonged to him. God showed him that all earthly rulers must ultimately surrender their kingship to His rule. Regardless of the economic, military or nuclear might they may have; regardless of their PR mastery or the size of their image consultant entourage, God has the final say. He promoted whomever He chose; He set up administrations and He brought down administrations (Psalm 75: Daniel 4: 32 - 33).

God is the Creator of all things; the sovereign ruler of the universe.




Every leader, regardless of the level and span of authority - family, government, business and church - needs to examine him/herself to see if their actions are pleasing to God and to see what problems their actions have caused in the society. Then they need to repent.

The term 'repent' simply means 'to turn, change course/direction, change mind, changing motives; the act of changing one's mind, feeling some regret or remorse over some past action which they caused'.

Ezekiel 18 tells us "Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin, get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies, says the Lord God. Therefore, turn and live".

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.