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JLP young leader backtracks, no longer supporting CCJ stance

Published:Wednesday | May 20, 2015 | 5:28 PM
Brooks ... had said the JLP's stance on the CCJ was ‘baseless’.

Ricardo Brooks, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) youth representative who went public against his party's stance on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has now backtracked.

On Monday, Brooks resigned as communications director of the JLP's Young Jamaica after admitting that his recent comments supporting calls for CCJ to be established went against the group’s and the party’s position.

Speaking on an Internet radio recently, he said the JLP's stance on the CCJ was ‘baseless’. 

However, Brooks says following a meeting today with the Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, he now supports the JLP's stance that Jamaica's economic independence should be a priority.  


JLP youth representative, Ricardo Brooks

Brooks says the discussions with Holness revealed that his previous position that removing the Privy Council would deepen Jamaica's political independence was 'sentimental' although he still maintains that the CCJ is worthy court.

The Government needs to sway at least one Opposition Senator to ensure the passage of bills to establish the CCJ as Jamaica's final appellate court. 

The Opposition is against a parliamentary vote to establish the CCJ and has argued that focus should instead be placed on Jamaica’s economic development.