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PROVEN Wealth donates $1 million to Wolmer's Boys School 'green' auditorium

Published:Thursday | May 21, 2015 | 12:58 PM
Inside the new Wolmer's Boys High school auditorium.
Wolmer's Boys high school principal Walton Small (second left) celebrate with others inside the new auditorium.

On March 27, PROVEN Wealth donated $1 million towards the Wolmer's Boys Schools' new 'green' auditorium.

Built with state of the art 'green concepts' and architecture, this building, while efficient, will give the school significant cost savings on utilities.

The long standing need for the auditorium arose following a devastating fire in January 1991, that destroyed the boys’ school’ wooden hall.

For over 24 years, the boys have assembled in the open, exposed to sun and rain.

The original hall was designed to hold 300 students and the current boys’ enrollment is 1,500.

Project lead Douglas Orane, highlighted that this has been a long standing dream of his “it has long resonated with me that I should contribute to the development of my Alma Mata in a meaningful way.”

He then put the question to the schools' Principal Dr Walton Small as to what he believed was the schools’ greatest need and in response Small noted “If there is one thing I could ask you to do for our school, it is to build a new auditorium.”

Thereafter, Orane, along with the other Trustees and a group of alumni, initiated the programme to build this new, modern auditorium.

PROVEN Wealth President & CEO Chorvelle Johnson noted “I am truly impressed with the vision of the Wolmer’s Trust and even more so in seeing what began as the dream of one individual coming to realisation through commitment and teamwork.

This only goes to further underscore the importance of giving back to society especially to those persons and institutions that have put us on the right footing and acted as the launch pad for us to become the business professionals we are today.” The footprint of the building is 148 x 80 feet covering an area of 11,840 SF.

This design will accommodate 2,300 students standing and 1,800 seated, and will also be available for use by the girls and preparatory schools.

The design uses natural ventilation for the main auditorium, and will include a solar electricity system on the roof area.

It is also inclusive of a water harvesting mechanism from the roof area leading to an underground water tank.

A mezzanine floor maximises the use of space and the building includes two large meeting rooms on there so as to increase its flexibility for use in daily teaching activities. Each room can hold 60 people sitting.

This auditorium also boasts a raised stage together with a large backstage area to accommodate school functions such as graduations and theatrical performances, which could not be facilitated before.

The ground floor area will accommodate sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis.

It will also be available for rental to external entities as a source of revenue for the school.

The official launch is scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 21, 2015 and on
Tuesday, May 26 the students will have their first assembly together as a school in this the new auditorium.