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East Kingston police nab men wanted for sex offences and murder

Published:Friday | May 22, 2015 | 9:35 AM

The East Kingston police say they arrested five wanted men yesterday and seized two firearms, including a high-powered weapon, during an operation.

The police say the names of the men are being withheld until they are officially charged.

Two of the men were reportedly wanted for breaches of the Sexual Offences Act and the other three for murders.

The weapons were seized at a premises on Malvern Avenue, Kingston.

No one was arrested in connection to the seizure.

Meanwhile, head of the Eastern Kingston Division, Superintendent of Police Arthur Brown says since the start of the year, the division has recorded 12 murders, ten of which were firearm related.

He says the operation was part of a weekly initiative carried out in line with the Force’s recently revised murder reduction strategy for 2015.

Superintendent Brown is reminding members of the public not to harbour criminals, as it is an offence for which they can be arrested and charged.

He is also urging them to report all suspicious incidents in their communities without delay.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Stedman Bailey says, the division has a 50 per cent clear up rate for murders.

He is pledging that members of the division will continue to work assiduously to achieve a higher clear up rate by the end of 2015.