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‘I am a man on a mission’ – Police Commissioner

Published:Friday | May 22, 2015 | 8:51 AMGleaner Writer
Dr Carl Williams

“I am a man on a mission,” were words coming from the Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams when he took the mic at a special meeting held at the community centre in the troubled community of Bucknor, Clarendon last night.

He told them he came with a message of hope. “All seem to be going wrong, people seem to have despair, but I am here to inspire – this is not the end,” he assured.

“My message, we are going to beat this, we are going to prosper, we are going to put this behind us. We are going to treat this monster of crime as we emphasise and develop partnerships with communities,” were the confident words from the Commissioner.

Throughout his address he stressed the need for community involvement as he told the roomful of residents that turned out, that crime is a social problem and one the police cannot solve alone.

“It is going to take community involvement … we all have to work together. The police don’t have all the answers for the communities,” he said.