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Honda dealers say they have received no official notice on airbag recall

Published:Saturday | May 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Despite the fact that Japanese company Takata has recalled nearly 34 million vehicles in the United States (US), Matthew Cripps, group general manager of ATL Auto-motive Limited, has

stated that the company has not received any notifications from Honda regarding the matter.

The recall, which is currently the largest automotive recall in American history, is due to the fact that the airbags can explode violently when they deploy, sending sharp metal fragments flying into a car's passenger compartment.

"Once we have any information from Honda, we will make a statement ourselves via the press. At the moment, we have no notification from anybody, so there's nothing that we can say until we have a notification," Cripps told The Gleaner.

"This is a US thing at the moment. We are not in the US market. We have right-hand drive cars, not left-hand drive cars, so currently, we'll wait for a notification from Honda," he added.