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TEEN TESTIMONY: Condel Burke on a spiritual journey

Published:Wednesday | May 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lennon High School head boy Condel Burke speaks of his spiritual life.

MOCHO, Clarendon:

It has been three years since 18-year-old Lennon High School head boy Condel Burke gave his life to the Lord and, for him, it's the best decision he has ever made.

It all started one Sunday night three years ago when an altar call was made at the Grace Chapel Assembly of God in Summerfield, Clarendon.

"I wanted a change and I accepted the Lord as my Saviour," the teen told Family and Religion. It wasn't long before he took his water baptism.

A few weeks into his journey, Burke started having some serious headaches. It was cause for concern when his left side went dead and he started having seizures.

"I was out of it most of the time. I didn't know what was happening. My mother eventually filled me in," he said.

It turned out he had an infection in his brain as his sinuses weren't draining.

Burke had to have brain surgery, which had him repeating fourth form - but that's a small price to pay for his life.

"When I look back, I know I could have died. I got myself covered the right time. It's a good thing I put my life in the hands of the Lord," he said.

A grateful Burke said the miracle of life has solidified his faith in God and he has no intention of turning back.

Burke said he experiences temptations and trials, but when they come his way, he knows just what to do.

"I pray and ask God for His divine intervention because I know He is God and God alone and He will fix it for me."

There are days when he has to deal with teasing from his schoolmates, but that does not bother him. According to him, he turns it around and encourages them to embrace the same thing he did.

"I use my experience to show them God's goodness and to bring home the point that you are not too young to die," he said.

Born in Summerfield, Burke has his sights set on sixth form. He wants to be a computer programmer or an accountant, but for the time being, he is contented reading his Bible, learning more about the One who has been seeing him through, and serving as an usher at his church.