Sat | Jan 19, 2019

Schools told to design remedial programmes for unruly students - Education Minister

Published:Sunday | May 24, 2015 | 12:17 PM
Education Minister Ronald Thwaites

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says schools have already been instructed to implement remedial programmes for students entering secondary institutions with obvious behavioural problems.

The minister's response was triggered by news in today's Sunday Gleaner that eight students at the all-girl Queen's School in St Andrew had been expelled following a gang feud two weeks ago, which left two students injured.

Thwaites indicated that the directive had been given to schools some time ago. He says administrators and educators must make the effort to have a clear understanding of the issues children are facing, including community pressures, and that they should make full contact with parents.

He says effective remediation and fostering a positive culture in institutions are important to mitigating violence in schools.

He says a school-wide behaviour change initiative that emphasises values and attitudes for good citizenship and student deportment has also been launched.

The Planning Institute of Jamaica's Economic and Social Survey showed that there was an increase in student violence in 2014, with 438 incidents compared to 298 in 2013.