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Parliament begins debate on law to extend copyright period

Published:Wednesday | May 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The House of Representatives has started to debate amendments to the Copyright Act to strengthen legal protection for creators of intellectual property. 

Investment, Industry and Commerce Minister, Anthony Hylton yesterday opened the debate on the Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2015.

Among some of the proposed changes is the extension of the rights of companies to their work from 50-95 years.

Hylton also noted that the related rights under the Copyright Act for works such as sound recordings and performances will also be extended from 50 years-95 years.

He said this means that individual copyright owners will benefit from protection for their lifetime plus an additional 95 years.

And he added that families and the estates of creators would be able to earn from the works long after the death of the creators.


Investment, Industry and Commerce Minister, Anthony Hylton

Meanwhile, the proposed amendments also seek to provide certain exemptions that will give blind and visually impaired people greater access to copyrighted work.


Investment, Industry and Commerce Minister, Anthony Hylton

The debate on the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2015 was suspended until next week Tuesday to allow other members to contribute.