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Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015 | 11:45 AM
Charm Birthwright
Janeil Laing
Cameisha Clacken
Ann-Marie Lewis
Adrian Frater photo Marsha Lewis

Are you happy with the pace of growth in Junction, St Elizabeth?

Ann-Marie Lewis,

business owner

No. There could be more. It is fast-growing, but the main issue is with housing and that would benefit everybody, including businesses of all kinds. It's moving, but we need to see more happening because it is a very nice and peaceful town.

Marsha Lewis, cashier

I think it is growing the way I want it to be, except I also believe there is enough room for improvement in terms of town planning. I also think there needs to be more business establishments that can create employment for young people.

Charm Birthwright, vendor

Well, yes. It is a fast-growing town and the people are friendly and, as a vendor, I get good support. My only concern is that the market is too far away from the central activity of the town. Apart from that, Junction is a good town.

Cameisha Clacken, entertainment promoter

The town is getting bigger, but we have challenges such as the lack of running water and that, in my estimation, is the biggest issue here. If that is fixed, I think the town would take off. An improvement in the general infrastructure is also key to its development.

Janeil Laing, student

It is clear that Junction is one of the fastest-growing towns, but we have issues with the roads. As a young person, I would like to see other developments such as KFC or a Burger King here.