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Business Access TV Coming

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Garth Walker

The local media landscape will be further boosted with the addition of Business Access Television (BATV), a business-oriented audiovisual information portal.

BATV is spearheaded by CEO of Wealth Magazine Garth Walker and his team and is expected to breathe new life into the business beat of Jamaica's already vibrant media.

The new media house is now in the production phase and is expected to be unveiled to the public soon. Testing began last week as the entity aims to arm its prospective clients with information that BATV will be available on the FLOW Cable network which covers almost the entire island.

According to Walker, the decision to invest in a television station geared towards business was a no-brainer. He said it was a natural progression from a 30-minute television programme to a full-fledged media house, in order to broaden the horizons of the highly respected product.

"We always knew that the power of the brand was very limited by the 30 minutes which we had to empower our viewers by exposing them to critical thinking, while also inspiring and empowering them. The television landscape has focused a lot on hardcore news, politics and entertainment which all have their own outlets to expose the various issues. Business, which drives the economy, does not have an outlet for itself - and that is what drove us to launch a complete channel for business," Walker said.

25 full-time workers

Walker declined to reveal how much cash was being spent on the new project, but said 25 full-time employees had been employed to start the media entity. BATV will consist of a board of directors and will be controlled by a chairman and CEO. A general manager who reports directly to the CEO is in place and all staff report to her.

An upbeat Walker said the aim of BATV is to claim the place of leading business channel in the country and eventually grow to become the premier source for business news in the Caribbean region, in addition to evolving into being the go-to channel for business news and content and business lifestyle, said Walker who believes that the media landscape has enough space to accommodate BATV.

"We believe the market is ripe for a station of this nature as so much content is being left unattended to daily. Our

target audience is everybody, there is nobody who doesn't aspire to get wealthy and anybody wealthy would be interested in retaining their wealth."