Fri | Sep 21, 2018

Holness clarifies PICA privatisation suggestion

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 9:55 AM
Andrew Holness

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness is seeking to clarify his suggestion that the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agencyc (PICA) should be privatised.

He made the suggestion during the chaos which ensued last week as persons descended on PICA’s Kingston office to get passports ahead of an announced increase.

The suggestion had solicited cynicism, particularly on social media, with people questioning the privatisation of an entity that handles such sensitive matters.

Holness is now explaining that his suggestion did not apply to all PICA’s operations.

According to him, there are some services, which naturally should only be directly provided by the state.

However, he says there are other services, which can be provided by private operators contracted to the state or under the direct regulation of the state.

He says, for example, there is no reason the application and payment for a passport should be limited to PICA's offices.


Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness

Holness says in addition to privatisation and outsourcing, the government must look at the efficiency of its internal business processes.


Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness