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Jamaican Spa is World Class

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMDave Rodney
A view of the Ocean Spa at Jamaica Inn, currently ranked sixth best resort spa in the world.
The natural beauty of Jamaica Inn has attracted glossy magazines like Vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated for decades.

A little spa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is now listed as the sixth best hotel spa in the world. The Ocean Spa at Jamaica Inn scored 96.00 out of 100, just over one point behind the top of list in Colorado, United States of America at 97.33, based on a Travel & Leisure Magazine spa survey.

Among the treats in Ochi - a moonlight massage for couples by candlelight with sparkling wine and private dinner while being caressed by the warm trade winds overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Jamaica Inn is not exactly the best kept secret within the world of Caribbean travel. This intimate blue and white boutique hotel where the workers know all their guests by name has been quietly astonishing its visitors for decades with its lavish, uncompromising first-class service.

Caribbean travel expert the late Marcella Martinez who was a devotee of Jamaica Inn had been known to cancel a Jamaica trip when Jamaica Inn was sold out or otherwise unavailable, and glossy fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition have been shooting covers on the postcard-perfect beach at the resort for decades.

The Ocean Spa is a wonderful new addition to a property that has retained much of its old school charm, where gentlemen are still required to wear long trousers an collared shirts by the main bar, cocktail terrace and dining room after 7 p.m.

The world's number one spa was listed as the St Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado, USA with resorts in Bangkok, Mexico, South Carolina and Costa Rica inching ahead of Jamaica. But Jamaica came out ahead of international benchmarks of luxury such as the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. And on the list of best hotel spas for the Caribbean region, Jamaica Inn was number one.