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West Kingston Enquiry: No one was beaten at Mobile Reserve, says Rose

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 2:32 PM

Former head of the Mobile Reserve, Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Rose, has insisted no person who was detained at the facility during the May 2010 police-military operation into west Kingston was beaten or injured while in detention.

Giving evidence at this morning’s sitting of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, Rose also maintained that no one was coerced to sign release forms stating that they were not beaten or injured while in detention at Mobile Reserve.

Rose said as head of Mobile Reserve he approved detention release forms.

This testimony contradicts evidence given by a witness at the enquiry who said he was beaten at the facility and did not receive adequate medical attention.

A medical report entered into evidence at the enquiry states that the Tivoli resident suffered bruised ribs, stomach pain, lacerations, among other injures.