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Gospel singer Adrian Cunningham singing songs of victory

Published:Saturday | May 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
For Adrian Cunningham, Florida-based gospel singer, his songs are a testimony of his life and his journey in sealing his relationship with Christ.

"Lord I love You, Lord I need You: I need You in the middle of the night." You can hear the soulful voice of gospel singer Adrian Cunningham blasting from the sound box on some street corners. It is also heavily rotated on many gospel stations.

The song from the Florida-based gospel singer is a call to worship, and for many, it's the one they turn to when they are down in spirit.

But for the singer, it's a testimony of his life and his journey in sealing his relationship with Christ.

Today, he ministers to others in song as well as his powerful testimony; but a few years back, he was the one who needed words of comfort.

Cunningham took Family and Religion back to that dark time in his life.

It all started with a persistent high fever, and at that time, he thought a visit to the doctor would clear it all up. It didn't work out that way, and after several visits during that week, the fever was still there.

"I felt neglected after the first week, it seemed like God would not hear me. I thought I was being punished for something I did, so I would search my life and try to adjust," he said. But he soon found out there was no self-justification.

Cunningham said at the time some of his relatives thought it wasn't even that serious until his wife told them he was struggling with the fever for three weeks.

family prayers

"It was then they started calling and praying on the phone, but mostly, it was my Church family that stood by me" he said.

What made it worse for the singer is that every test he did could not reveal a cause for the fever. His doctors were baffled and therefore had no solution for him in getting his temperature down.

"I had prayed all the prayer I could find. I was completely sapped out, I could pray no more. Each day I would think this is the last day, but yet again I had to deal with the shivers and trembling I couldn't control," he said.

Cunningham said anger took over at the God he was serving. He said he thought God was taking too long.

"Even when I went to the hospital, I was at the point of breaking; they wouldn't give me any medication until they found out what was wrong, and they could not find out what was wrong, so I had to suffer through the nights and days of fever, going over 106? one time. I thought I was going to just pass out and give up," he recounted.

Just when he thought he couldn't take any more, the unexpected happened. Cunningham said he still can't tell how the fever went, but he left the hospital without a diagnosis and a fever.

The singer said that experience has strengthened him for many other challenges that have come his way.

God the deliverer

"Every challenge that I face strengthens me for the next challenge ahead. It's not too easy, and yes, the fact that God has healed me showed me that if I depend on Him for anything, He is always ready to deliver; and when the situation looks worse, that's when God is at His best," he said.

Now that he has experienced his miracle, Cunningham is using the opportunity to reach out to those who might be going through their storm.

"If God did it for me, I can tell you for sure that He's able to do more than you can think."

Born in Kingston, Cunningham grew up in several areas across Jamaica: Duncans, Trelawny; Kitson Town, St Catherine; and Seaview Gardens in St Andrew.

Married "for a long time", he is the father of three children - two boys and a girl.

Among his other gospel recordings are He's on My Side, Change, Follow Jesus and No Doubt.