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PRESSURED BUT PERSISTENT … Shudian Lewis’ Testimony

Published:Saturday | May 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Shudian Lewis has had many challenges but she continues to press on with God’s help.
Lewis and her miracle son, Javier.
Shudian Lewis giving her testimony at a church service.

HILLSIDE, Manchester

They say there is at least one feeling that everyone can attest to and that is pain, though it comes in many degrees. When its deliverance is experienced, everything changes for the better.

Shudian Lewis grew up in the Church but 'faltered along the way' and gradually left church completely. It took eye-opening situations and the voice of the Lord to help her back on to the path of the straight and narrow.

She recounts her journey.

"In 2002, my first major experience was when I was diagnosed with lupus. I remember having some rashes on my skin and I visited the dermatologist. I did a blood test and I got some treatment. She told me to come back if it didn't clear up, but it did, so I didn't go back. A year later, I got pregnant with my daughter, and when I delivered her, I realised some sore like rashes [were] on her skin, I eventually brought her to the same dermatologist I went to. When she pulled my file, the results of the blood test I didn't receive showed I had lupus, and that is what caused my daughter's skin to be like that."

With much fright and cause for concern Lewis decided to seek more information about the condition.


incurable illness


"My doctor told me about the rashes and the fact that it was incurable, but when I researched, I saw that the condition could cause harm to my organs and bring about severe pains. I was happy that with treatment, my daughter's skin cleared up, but my own condition tested my faith over the years - from joint pains to sores all over my face, nosebleeds and even hair loss."

Lewis believes the challenges came because it was a sign she needed to return to the fold.

"A couple years passed and I realised that I was pregnant. I was told I shouldn't have another child. So I went to a specialist who told me he would work with me during my pregnancy. Everything was ok up to the delivery."

She continued, "I went into the hospital, and while in the labour room, I heard the doctors saying they had to get the baby out of me within 24 hours. Twenty-four hours passed, and that didn't happen. I was weak. I received numerous injections and medication and was told to remain in one position. I was so weak, I had a nurse in the bed with me encouraging me to push because a C-section was out of the question. The baby's heart was like 27 when I looked at the machine, and I got weaker. I blacked out and I heard a voice praying. When I came back around, the baby came out blue, I thought he was dead, but God worked on Him as I asked him to give me another chance."


breaking a promise


Lewis, who pleaded with God for help, came out of the hospital with her healthy baby, eventually, but went back on her promise by breaking her day of worship to (go to ) work.

"One evening, I was travelling home from work and my phone rang. I heard the voice that I had heard while in the delivery room and the person said, 'Will you be going to church tomorrow,' I said no. The person told me to read Matthew 6:3, which spoke of seeking first the kingdom. I became nervous instantly ... and I had a change of heart."

Lewis got rebaptised two months later, and though she still battles with her illness and other challenges, she looks to God for continued strength.

"My condition is a daily challenge. I went to California recently and I got some treatment. I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and as it regards my Christian walk, I trust God and rely on his strength to go on."