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Giants Of talk radio on Power 106FM

Published:Sunday | May 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Power 106 FM now has a number of giants in talk radio, including the two leading talk shows in Jamaica, 'Cliff Hughes Online' and 'Dear Pastor'.

'Cliff Hughes Online' is the newest addition to talk radio on Power 106 FM and, in less than a year, it has become the number one daytime talk show in Jamaica.

Aired Mondays to Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, the show focuses on addressing a large spectrum of issues that affect the public. All callers are given their due time and, according to listeners, Hughes runs an excellent show.

"He is reasonably balanced. He can hold a sensible argument with anybody," said a listener recently.

The show was first aired in July 2014 and increased its audience share by 150 per cent in a mere seven months. When asked in January 2015 what he thought about the success of the show, Hughes said he was pleasantly surprised at the surge in numbers.




Newton James, managing director of Independent Radio Company Limited, said, "Power 106 FM has a theme which is, 'The Forum Where All Views Can Contend'. With the addition of the new talk show, 'Cliff Hughes Online', we have added the theme 'Talk Radio For All Jamaicans'.

"Many clients have expressed the view that it is one of the most effective marketplaces on radio to create awareness of their goods and services through advertising," added James, who credits his sales team for the philosophy of creating lifetime partnerships with advertisers and offering effective advertising campaigns based on frequency of messages that have strong selling premise.

'Cliff Hughes Online' was a pioneering move that has been an overwhelming success not only in Jamaica but also in the diaspora. James noted that Power 106 FM considers the local market and the diaspora as its radio market.

Over the last few weeks, the station has aired ten live broadcasts from lands far and wide, including Bermuda, Miami, New York and Toronto.

"It shows that in the same way we can go to Montego Bay or Mandeville to do an outside broadcast we, similarly, will broadcast just as easily from any location in the diaspora," said James.

'Dear Pastor' is the number one night-time radio show in Jamaica. Listeners are encouraged to call in and voice their concerns on a variety of social issues. Host, Dr Aaron Dumas, then gives them sound advice.

According to James, Dumas, whose programme replaced 'Perkins Online' as the number one talk show in Jamaica, has done an extraordinary job.

"'Dear Pastor', over the years, has enjoyed a leadership position in talk radio and interesting results from research show that when compared to many daytime talk shows, it has similar demographic listenership."

Research over the years has also revealed that the most popular feature in The Gleaner's Star among readers is the 'Tell Me Pastor' feature by Dr Dumas.


educational show


Ras Carver, a regular caller to the show, said 'Dear Pastor' is a very helpful programme which he more than enjoys.

"I 'full joy' it. It's really far more than just enjoyment. It's an educational show that people can benefit from when they get advice on how to have healthy relationships. They can learn of ways to bring up their children, solve conflicts, and hear about how to be stronger economically, it captures a wide variety of things," said Ras Carver.

Capone, a Jamaican living in London and regular listener, described 'Dear Pastor' as very informative. He appreciates the callers because what they may say on certain topics keeps him coming back. He gets good advice from some of the callers and Dumas simultaneously.

The island's first government-appointed marriage counsellor, Dumas, at all times, puts his best into doing worthy tasks.

"I love to inform, educate and empathise. When you do the 'Dear Pastor' show you have to love people, love your work and be able to communicate clearly. You have to listen. I tell people the truth and I don't condemn. I look at the show as a part of my Christian vocation. I put everything into the hours I spend on the show."

'Dear Pastor' is two and a half hours of interactive programming, aired on Power 106 FM Mondays to Thursdays from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight.