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Failing governments - Chuck says citizens not getting good service

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Delroy Chuck

A long-time parliamentarian and former government minister has blasted the State for failing to provide adequate services for its people.

Delrory Chuck, the member of parliament (MP) for North East St Andrew, said in Parliament that "the governments of this country has not served our country well."

The MP, while contributing to a debate on the Administrator-General's (Amendment) Act, 2015, recently said that the criticism is not limited to politicians who, he said, get all the blame.

"The people of this country needs to get better government service, whether it is in the hospitals, whether it is in the customs, whichever agency of government we need to serve the people of this country better," Chuck added.

The ire of the opposition MP was raised as he argued against the levels of bureaucracy, which, he said, has served only to frustrate Jamaicans and retard the potential for business.




While supporting the bill, Chuck said that there is ample evidence that many services, such as the issuing of probate letters and titles, can be done within hours but the experience has been that people have been forced to wait, in some cases, years, to get documents.

"We have the problem now where it is taking about one year when you apply for probate or letters of administration; but there are many cases that it is taking years rather than months," Chuck said, as he bashed the bureaucracy.

"When probate documents are filed, it does not take more than minutes, at most, hours, to check them and approve them, but it is taking a number of years. We need to investigate and find out why it can be done in hours and it is taking years," Chuck said.

The opposition MP has suggested the use of expedition fees to ensure that services can be provided to the people in a shorter time frame. In this way, people would pay express fees and the service will be carried out within a short time.

He said that at the Registrar of Titles, a similar programme was implemented a few years ago where people can get their titles the same day by paying a $10,000 fee.