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Corporate Hands: Bus Shelter Will Change Lives

Published:Wednesday | June 3, 2015 | 11:05 PM
Volunteers look at the almost finished bus shelter in Eastern St Thomas which will now change the lives of citizens in the area.

The construction of a public transport shelter in Eastern St Thomas will benefit hundreds of its citizens.

With donations from the private sector, caretaker for St Thomas Eastern, Delano Seiveright, and councillor for the Dalvey division, Michael McLeod, carried out the Labour Day project in the vicinity of Crockett, along the main road between Morant Bay and Golden Grove.

The bus stop in the vicinity of Crockett will serve approximately 3,000 residents from communities in and around Springfield, Barking Lodge and New Pero.

The project was overseen by the Friends of Dalvey non-governmental organisation which seeks to carry out a series of life-changing projects throughout the largely neglected communities of Eastern St Thomas.