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One of Portland’s most wanted killed

Published:Wednesday | June 3, 2015 | 1:43 PMGareth Davis Sr., Gleaner Writer

An off-duty police officer shot and killed one of Portland’s most wanted this morning during a daring attempted robbery at the foot of Spring Bank Road in Port Antonio.

A police report has suggested that 43-year-old Calvin Henry, who goes by the alias ‘Ninja’ was shot and killed shortly after 1:30 at Spring Bank, after he attempted to rob a policeman.

According to the police, the off-duty cop exited a vehicle at the foot of Spring Bank road, and while urinating, was approached from behind by a man, who demanded his possessions, while threatening to shoot him if his demands were not met.

The off-duty cop reportedly jumped side-ways, surprising the robber, and pulled his firearm firing several shots.

The man reportedly ran, but fell.

A home-made gun was also recovered from him.

It was later discovered that Ninja was shot three times.

Henry, who the police claim has figured in a series of armed robbery of residents at Stony Hill, Light House, Rice Piece, Janga Gully, and Hall Avenue, was listed as a person of interest.

He was also recently arrested and was out on bail for a similar incident of alleged armed robbery of residents.