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Teachers may become 'sick' too

Published:Wednesday | June 3, 2015 | 5:41 PMJerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter

There are signs that public school teachers could soon intensify their protest and embark on a sick-out if the Government fails to improve on its offer for a salary increase.

Since Tuesday, thousands of rank and file cops have been calling in sick as they press their demands for a better offer from the Government.

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The government has offered police and teachers a five per cent increase over two years saying its deal with the International Monetary Fund could be derailed if public sector workers get a higher adjustment.

The government had also said if it is to offer more money, then it would have to cut 15,000 public sector jobs.

However, JTA President, Doran Dixon, has described the Government's reasoning as "scare tactics".

Ahead of a meeting with finance ministry officials this afternoon, Dixon warned that if teachers are not pleased with the outcome, they may also become affected by the "illness" which is now plaguing the police force.


JTA President Doran Dixon

Dixon insisted that five percent is not enough and that teachers will not relent in their drive for a better wage offer.

The JTA has requested a 25 percent wage increase.

Dixon says despite the posturing of the government he is optimistic that a better offer will be made.


JTA President Doran Dixon

In recent weeks, some teachers across the island have been staging sit-ins, holding street protests and wearing black to register their frustration and disappointment with the wage negotiations.