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Why Daryl Vaz wants Sir David Simmons to tell him sorry

Published:Wednesday | June 3, 2015 | 5:30 PM
Vaz ... questioned the motive behind the Commissioner choosing to introduce "unsubstantiated information" that Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was seen at his house.

West Portland Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz, wants the chairman of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, Sir David Simmons, to publicly apologise for citing an entry in a police log that in 2010, Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was seen at his house.

At the time, Vaz was the minister with responsibility for information and Coke was being sought by members of the security forces to be arrested on a warrant for the start of extradition proceedings.

In a release issued this afternoon, Vaz said he was appalled to hear Simmons citing the entry in the police log.

Commissioner Simmons cited the entry while Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake was being questioned.

Blake said he was not aware of the source of the information and the police were not able to verify its truth.

According to Vaz, the action of the Commissioner was thoughtless, insensitive, careless, reckless, and downright irresponsible considering the politically charged atmosphere of the enquiry. 

Vaz also questioned the motive behind the Commissioner choosing to introduce "this unsubstantiated information" from unknown sources.

He says Commissioner Simmons was operating contrary to the objectives and terms of reference of the Commission to unearth the truth about the involvement of the security forces in the incursion.

Vaz also said the utterance of the Commissioner will fuel malicious gossip and political mischief against him and his family.